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Nothing beats the purity and serenity of water and it is well evident that baby's skin is much more delicate than your own skin, so Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are formulated specifically for your baby’s supple, soft & delicate skin. These are the only wipes that contain 98% purified water. Further, we also understand the importance of natural and ayurvedic resources so we have added the goodness of aloe-vera and jojoba oil.

Needless to mention about the baby’s delicate & sensitive skin, We want the little one to be playful with peaceful mind, whereas irritation due to rashes on the other hand makes baby uncomfortable & restless. Rashes are the most common cause of nuisance to every mother. To protect baby’s skin from rashes, it is necessary to cleanse baby’s wet area properly. For this, Mother Sparsh baby water wipes are the best pick having 98% purified water and natural ingredients Vitamin E, Aloe-Vera and Jojoba oil.Because it is Hypoallergenic, so Mother Sparsh Water Wipes don’t irritate skin instead it cleanse your baby’s sensitive skin without causing uneasiness, allergy and infections.

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Key Features

  • Purest wipes
  • 98% Water Wipes
  • Alcohol and Parabens free wipes
  • Extra Moisture
  • Made-up of 100% purified water
  • Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced
  • Perfect for newborn babies
  • Non-Woven Spunlace Fabric Wipes
  • Natural Ingredients to protect baby’s delicate skin
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How to use Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh baby wipes are easy to use. Just seal off the sticker from the upper side of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes, and pick up one by one as per need. Gently cleanse baby’s wet and dirty area with the help of wipes and dispose after usage. Reseal the pack to lock the freshness of wipes for future use.

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Water Wipes Pack & Price Details

Mother Sparsh Baby water wipes are available in the pack containing 80 soft and silky sheets. Each pack cost for Rs. 195 with Rs 20 additional discount on every pack.


Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Key Features

  • Parabens and Alcohol Free Wipes
  • Worry Free and Easy to use
  • Perfect for newborns.
  • Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced wipes
  • Helps to protect skin from rashes and skin irritation.

Benefits of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

  • Purity of water and goodness of aloe.
  • Moisturizing skin.
  • Keep baby playful and clean.
  • Safe to Use.
  • Keep Skin smooth and supple.

How Mother Sparsh Baby wet Wipes are better from other wipes brands available in market?

Mother Sparsh water wipes for newborn babies has been formulated by keeping in concern baby’s soft & delicate skin. We are focused & concerned for maintaining the quality of Mother Sparsh water wipes with the usage of purest thing i.e water as its main ingredient. Further, presence of Ayurvedic herbs such as Aloe-Vera & Jojoba oil are blessed with those active ingredients which contains anti-inflammatory molecules, protection from various skin disorders, cooling, stimulating and antiseptic properties. Our wipes are alcohol free wipes and doesn’t cause any side-effects and adversities such as nausea, slowed breathing and dizziness. Mother Sparsh Water wipes are consist of Non-woven spunlace fabric with 98% purified water, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and Aloe-vera. Because it is Hypoallergenic, so Mother Sparsh WaterWipes don’t irritate skin instead it cleanse your baby’s sensitive skin without causing uneasiness, allergy and infections. It is also helpful in preventing diaper rash caused due to skin irritation and bacterial infection. Mother Sparsh wipes are the purest wipes with extra moisture that provide gentle sparsh to your baby for keeping your baby comfortable, happy & smiling.

Should I use baby wipes on my newborn?

Yes, Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are perfect to use for newborns. Most of the Pediatricians, suggest using alcohol & parabens free wipes. But if any type of redness or irritation occur while using water wipes then discontinue the use of wipes and consult your Pediatrician.

How to Buy Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

Mother Sparsh Water Wet Wipes for babies are easily available at local medical stores nearby to you. But if it's not available in a medical store near you, we want to hear about it. Please let us know your location. To buy alcohol & parabens free wet wipes online you can also visit to our website www.mothersparsh.com and www.firstcry.com. For any query or info feel free to call us at 0171-3055255. You can call us any time for queries regarding Mother Sparsh Baby Care Products. Our customer care health executives are available 24*7 in your service.

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